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Organic Welltree - Who We Are

Sabine and Gundi - we come from Bielefeld a town in the northwest of Germany. In 2007 we spent our first holiday in Scotland. This was the beginning of a never ending love and longing for this land.

In May 2017 our great wish was fulfilled. We are now living in Crieff, a town in Perthshire - in the heart of Scotland. Our basic principle is to live in harmony with nature. It is important for us that we don't work for the whole day in an office and waiting for knocking-off time! It is so much better to work with your full heart and passion so that you can achieve aims which once may seem to be unreachable.

It is our aim to protect and conserve the beautiful nature so far as is possible. We encounter nature and all creatures with respect and love - this was the reason to live as vegetarians. This is not as difficult as we initially expected. The vegetarian kitchen offers a richness of opportunities. As a result, we do not miss meat or fish. This was the beginning to cooking with elation every day and to bake our own bread.

Everyone can do their part to conserve the beauty and perfection of the nature. The easy things like waste reducing or energy saving can have a big affect on the environment.

We won’t write here with our guidance - there is no limit for creativity. You just need to start….

Organic Welltree



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