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Stunning Nature

Nature in Scotland really is right on your doorstep unless your front garden only has flagging stones or a garden filled up with slabs. Nature is not only the further afield stunning landscapes and views, enchanting nature is also right by your feet with earthworms and bees, acorns and mushrooms, the raindrops in the sunlight and the wind, which blows your hair wild!.

Life without experiencing these is much less fulfilling, and in every case, is poorer. Nature feeds us, let's us marvel and is everywhere in great and in little things all around us.

We - as part of creation - have the responsibility to maintain nature.

We want to finish with a citation of Sepp Holzer (aus. agro economist and pioneer of perma culture):

Nature is perfect. There is nothing to improve. If you try improve it, so it is self-deception. Nature is also entirely perfect, the mistakes are done only by us humans.

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