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Some stories about how we work

Organic Welltree

The Logo

In Autumn 2016 we founded Organic Welltree Ltd. to establish our business for the future. Initially we used the address of a solicitor in Edinburgh for our company. Then we needed a proper logo.

Our good friend Joachim created our logo. The brief we gave him was that it should be a mix of our company name, nature and animals. He created the owl using lots of leaves. The long roots stand for healthy nature. In the image as a whole you can recognise a tree with roots, tree trunk and treetop. This represents our company name Well TREE. The green and brown colour indicate the naturalness of the earth and they symbolise renewal, peace and hope.

Our Plans

First we would like open an organic bed & breakfast. In the garden we will nurture beautiful organic fruits and vegetables for ourselves and our guests. So far (September 2017) we have not been able to identify the right property to develop our business but we continue to look.

In the meantime we are looking into an alternative option that allows us to retain the foundations of our plan. We are looking for a sympathetic farmer to collaborate with. If we can find an appropriate farmer who is interested in developing organic practices we will team up with him or her. We are flexible about different arrangements but want to live on the farm, have accommodation to offer guests as self-catering and/or bed and breakfast and with the possibility of running a farm shop or farm cafe. Although we would get involved with some of the farm work our main priority would be looking after guests. We would also aim to cultivate a wide range of vegetables, fruits and herbs.

If you are interested to hear more about our plans, please send us a message or sign up for the newsletter.

Where we live:

Crieff is a beautiful old market town in the south of Perthshire between Perth and Loch Earn. The town lies at the foot of the Knock. From here, you have many stunning views to the surrounding mountains.

For the first 6 month we rent a full furniture apartment from Hobbs Lettings. The apartment is situated in middle of the town so we can walk to the local shops and not worry about driving. We appreciate a day without the car.

On a sunny day we transfer our office to the MacRosty Park and for lunch we have a picnic.

Our neighbours and all other people here in Crieff are very friendly and helpful.

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