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Some stories about how we work

Simply Organic!

It would be good if organic and non-organic produce could be marketed separately. Organic produce should not be packed in plastic. Organically produced fruit and vegetables are better for the environment as no chemicals are used in their production. Perhaps the introduction of subsidies would encourage more growers to turn to organic production.

When we were children we had not heard of the word organic. Our parents regularly took us to the market and in summer we cycled to the farms to pick strawberries or buy vegetables. Tomatoes tasted fresher and had their own particular smell. Offers in supermarkets are more attractive because they are cheaper.

When we grew up and started working we liked to go to a small organic shop nearby or the organic supermarket to buy tea and cosmetics. Gradually our interest increased and we got to know new products. In organic shops we found green, yellow and striped tomatoes long before they appeared in large supermarkets.

There were free magazines like Schrot & Korn, Eve, Quelle and the Demeter Journal in the organic shops. At first we were only interested in the recipes (which we are still struggling with today) but the advertising inspired us to try new products like soya cream, coloured lentils, tofu and bulgar.

Then came the environmental topics which interested us more. We learned about intensive animal farming, pollution, water scarcity, glyphosate and resource dissipation. On the other hand there were articles about organic cultivation, fair trade, environmental projects and people committed to protecting nature. These gave us hope for the future.

We eagerly awaited the cooking magazine “Kostlich Vegetarisch” every two months as the recipes are seasonal and easy to prepare.

Today we buy organic products not only in the food sector but also cosmetics, clothing and household cleaning products.

This is not just our life style but what we believe in our hearts to be the best way forward.

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