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Winter Walk

Winter walk

Can you better use your leisure time?

It was a sunny and cold winter day in January with a bright blue sky when we dived into the snowy winter wonderland. All the important projects were pushed aside and headed for Lady Mary Walk in Crieff. We started with cap, gloves and camera. From our apartment it is only a few minutes’ walk to the starting point on the River Earn.

Those who love winter holidays and welcome every snowflake can surely understand what we felt after a few steps off the roads. When we describe this as a winter wonderland, it may sound trashy and does not do justice to the true impression of a snowy, natural landscape. We only heard the sounds of running water over rocks as we arrived at the River Earn, all street noise and everyday sounds seemed swallowed up so we paused for a moment and took a deep breath.

Hardly a few steps further on we took out our camera and tried to capture this mood. The morning mist was on the river and we would take root there. Our neighbour, Blanche Haddow, often uses this place to take her beautiful bird photos and on this day we met her there. Anyone who is interested in her pictures can visit Blanche on her website.

We also tried our luck and found a friendly robin, who posed patiently for us.

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